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Caveman Runner is a game for iOS where you control a caveman out collecting food while being chased by prey.

  • March 17, 2011 I’m happy to say with the success of Caveman Runner and the February valentines day themed update (Version 1.1) there has been over 1,000 downloads of Caveman Runner! Thank you to all of our fans who have played the game, we look forward to continue to provide new and free updates to you as we continually make the game even better.
    Version 1.2 coming soon will have hearts left over from the valentines day version. The hearts now float to a random direction, which combined with the traditionally cleverly placed steaks creates really interesting situations that are different every run!
  • January 26, 2011 See an early look at Caveman Runner below.

One Response to Development Blog

  1. TED MOOREWOOD says:

    Finally something fun and easy to play…but funny its not, but it could be. I don’t know about you but after running for some time I need to take a restroom (now the sound of some one taking shit would be funny) or getting hit by a boulder or falling into a deep pit. When you haven’t gone to the restroom for some time you tend to slow down so if you take a dump at the right time you increase your speed… but you have to drink water for power-ups too along the way… just some stuff I see happing when I would play the game.
    Love you guys CUZ Ted “lets make it funny so they will never put it down”

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